Referral Partners

​​Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

I kick things off by taking time to get to know you and understand your needs. Together we address your client's complex estate planning problems. I use PPL to eliminate your client’s taxes and a DOT to pass their assets to their heirs without income or estate taxes.

PPLI is an investment driven insurance-based solution which combines the security and protection of a life insurance policy with the flexibility of private trusts. While acting as a vehicle for efficient asset growth, it can take care of issues such as succession, estate planning, asset Protection, tax optimization and privacy. Many clients prefer the familiarity of their own longstanding relationships with banks, and financial advisers. They are perfectly free to maintain them.

Pre-Immigration is a place where we can prosper by working together. You send me referrals and I supply you with my expertise and assist you in structuring PPLI programs.  Delivering customized solutions is core to high-end planning and attracts wealthy clients. I offer you an extensive range of support capabilities. By Partnering you enhance your financial position and strengthen your client relationships.

Your clients will always be your clients.  I will not solicit, directly or indirectly, any investment management or other business from any client that you introduce to me. I promise to handle these special relationships with great care and concierge-level service. I am committed to helping you solve your client's financial planning needs.