Asset Protection Refers To  Strategies Used To Guard Your Wealth From Taxation, Lawsuits And Creditors. This Involves Techniques That Can Deter A Lawsuit And Provide You With Settlement Negotiation Power. Many Plans Include Offshore Elements In Countries Where The Laws Are More Protective Than In The U.S. 

Physical safety and security for your family pre-empts tax planning when making the decision to move them to the U.S. Pre-immigration tax planning using PPLI and trusts will position you to avoid U.S. income and estate taxes legally.


By Combining The Drop-Off Trust With PPLI You Turn The Drop-Off Trust Into A Tool That Reduces Both Estate And Income Taxes And Protects Your Assets From Lawsuits. 




Physical Safety And Security For Your Family Pre-Empts Tax Planning When Making The Decision To Move Them To The U.S. Pre-immigration Tax Planning Using Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) And Drop Off Trusts Will Position You To Avoid Income And Estate Taxes.





Tax Residents Outside The U.S. And Canada, Typically Choose A 101 Policy Structure In Connection With Their Investment Management And Custody Services Provided By A Bank Or Wealth Management Firm. 

​​Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

​​​There Are A Few Structures That Are Exempt From The U.S. tax system. One is Privately Placed Life Insurance (PPLI) Owned By A Drop-Off Trust. Both Must Be Set Up Prior To Immigrating. Once Your Assets Are Held By This Structure They Will Be Statutorily Exempt From The U.S. Tax System.


  • Unless You Pre-Tax-Plan Your Immigration:
    • ​​The U.S, Will Tax Any Income You Or Your Entities Generate Anywhere.
    • When You Die, Your Worldwide Assets Will Be Subject To The U.S. Death Tax
  • Pre-Planning Allows Assets To Remain Untaxed Even Though You Become a U.S. Citizen 
  • With PPLI You Will Have Tax-Exempt Access To Policy Assets And Cash Loans.  

O​nce You Become a U.S.

Citizen Your Assets 

Wherever Located, Are Subject To U.S. Tax.